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General Updates

March Update: New Project in Progress

It's been a couple of months since our LDJAM submission. We're still hard at work updating our core Hot Box framework, but a few things have changed which has caused us to shift plans slightly.

Ollie leaves Hot Box Games
Unfortunately we have had to say goodbye to Ollie, who has decided to leave the team due to work and family commitments. Ollie did a brilliant job doing character and enemy art for both our games Player Rush and SUPER SCIENCE CORP. We're all sad to lose such a talented member of the team - we wish him all the best for his future. Ollie still enjoys dabbling in concept art / sketches in his free time - so who knows, you might see the occasional piece of poster art from him in the future!

Hot Box becomes two-thirds independent
While Sam has recently landed himself a new job at a web design company, both Jess and I have left our full time day jobs to focus on creating games. We found that trying to create any sized game, as a 3 man team, was almost impossible when only working evenings and weekends (not to mention the stress of getting zero downtime 365 days a year). We have therefore saved up a little bit of money from our salaries and hope to make a few games this year that will hopefully help us continue this role full-time.

Player Rush remake shelved, new arcade game in the works
With our main artist gone & a bit more pressure to release something in the first half of this year, we realised we needed to put our current project on hold. There was a lot of armatures, animation, AI & graphics to do that would take us longer than can be afforded. We therefore have started designing and making a smaller scale 'arcade' game. The idea is to have less animations and focus on core gameplay combined with a good scoring mechanic. We also hope to make the game slightly randomised to make it more replayable without having to design a lot of bespoke levels/objectives.

Missing Ludum Dare 35
With the above all in mind, we have decided to miss the upcoming LDJAM competition to focus on releasing a game. This will be the first Ludum Dare we have missed since we started entering, so we are all a little upset we can't contribute - but in reality while the competition may only be 72 hours, it writes off about a week when taking sleep deprivation & porting releases into account (along with the occasional bug fix!). Not to mention that we usually spend the next few weeks playing + rating as many games as possible (usually scoring top 'coolness' we're pleased to say! :D). We wish any participants the best of luck and we'll still be tuning in to check on the theme and what people create!

That's about all for now - stay tuned to hear more on our latest project in the coming weeks.
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Next Game in the Works

So in the last few months we've been researching hard into C# and Unity.
Many nights have been spent up late, creating throwaway projects and drafting code in anticipation for our first PC release.

In early hours of the morning, inside the Hot Box Den, a decision was made.

We're going to make Spacebat 2.
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Levelling up

Again, it's been too long since I've written one of these. It's the same excuse, too - I've been busy.

The Hot Box guys are in their Hot Box Cave, there is a meeting underway.
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