What A Mess

Earlier today I saw it fit to change the way that snakes spawn on the levels slightly, they were coming in massive waves and I felt that gradual, constant snakes would suit the levels' design a lot better, then there was survival - mostly easy until it tipped past a point of becoming impossible with swarms of snakes surrounding the player.

So In my head I had thought to myself, 'Well it shouldn't be too hard, we have a system to increase/decrease the snake numbers however we wish, I'll just do that'.

Then, I opened up the script for the snake spawning.
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Post Numero Uno

So today was marginally productive, Sean worked on some of the foundations for the website, like the contact page and designing how bug reports are going to be handled.
Then I fixed a bunch of things in Spacebat and implemented a new system for handling the Double Score power-up, which adds a full timer (15 seconds) onto the time remaining.
The new system also allows for an unlimited amount of power-ups to be collected and extend the time accordingly.

Along with this I've added a small bar that appears under the "2x!" indicator, which shows the rough time remaining, a nifty addition, that's for sure.
We're onto Version 0.99.94 now, getting ever so close to finally releasing our first game.
It's been great, overall. We should decide on a damn release date. Yes.

So after that was all done I had a crack at designing the Hot Box logo, it didn't go too well unfortunately.
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