Spacebat Now Free, Google Ruin The Plan

The Google marketplace is flooded with over a million applications.

The prices of these apps range from free to over £100 - with the latter clearly being for people who have money to burn. (If that's you, click here!)

The quality of these apps differs almost as much as the price range, though one thing remains certain - there's a shit tonne of 'em.

With this in mind & Spacebat having been available on the Google Play Store for over 7 months, we decided it was time to do something marvelous - release it for free.

That's right! Woah, calm yourselves! Chill! STOP JUMPING ON THINGS!
I know it's exciting, but please, let's keep it civil here people.
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He sees you, do you see him? Image Source: wallsave.com

Spacebat Across the Web

It's been over 6 months since Spacebat was released for Android devices. It's hard for us to believe really.. We received some great feedback post-launch and, after suddenly realising that we're already over 33% through 2014, I thought it was about time we mention some of the other sites our little red friend has been mentioned on!
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30 Days of Spacebat

As of today, Spacebat has been on the Google Play Store for 30 days.

Wow. That went quick.

I should probably present some statistics, right?
Because everyone loves statistics.
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