Musical Update

Hello! So I have been making some changes of a musical nature. The riff at the start of the Survival song has been changed to something a little better. I just got rid of the old one and wrote a completely new one. I also removed the swelling after the first synth riff as it didn’t fit with the new riff. In my opinion the music has come together nicely. The Credits Theme I made last week is a personal favourite and is very fitting when you finally beat level four. In other news I drew Spacebat mixing on a DJ deck to represent that this is a post about Spacebat’s music.
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Over the last week I've been *extremely* busy, polishing Spacebat until I can see my reflection in it. Anyway, I figured that I'd go through how I went around creating my latest masterpiece, I call it the Uber Snake Selection System.
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How does that look to you?

So, we noticed something was wrong with the Spacebat logo.

It first occurred to us when creating the Spacebat page, something so subtle - but once mentioned it's hard to forget.
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