Ludum Dare 33 – Player Rush

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Hey everyone! We hope you've been enjoying all these awesome games - we sure have! :D We're a three man team based in the UK, like most of you looking to create awesome games and level up whenever possible! We also had a friend of the group, Ollie, join in this LD to try his hand at doing 2D sprites & animation - he did awesome! This is our fourth time entering Ludum Dare and will most definitely not be the last!

Our Entry

In Player Rush, you play as the final boss in a newly released RAID dungeon. Players from across the globe are partying up take you down and steal your loot. Your objective is to survive and kill as many of them as you can!

Click Here to play Player Rush!

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Ludum Dare 32 – PALBOT


Click here to play PALBOT!

That's right, another 4 months have passed and once again we've entered the Ludum Dare Game Jam!

This was the 32nd Ludum Dare event, with the theme set to 'Unconventional Weapon'.

After creating and submitting our game we decided to write up a 'post-mortem' outlining the game and what went good / bad during the process, as is typical  with Ludum Dare submissions.

The below extract has been syndicated from ludumdare.com
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Ludum Dare 31 – Pipe Quest

After the fun we had creating Planet Jumper for LD30, how could we say no to creating another fun little game for LD31?

That's right folks, 4 months have passed since the last #LDJAM event and so it was time for another!

Click Here to Play Pipe Quest

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